Cooking Fever Cheats: Dominate the Game and be at the Top Level

Cooking Fever CheatsIf you have grown tired of playing the usual games of shooting, war games, zombie apocalyptic game or to whatever games that subjects to unusual stories or things, you probably want to grab and play a game that relates to your everyday living. The nearest thing that might come to it and like we always love is food, and how do we get food? It’s cooking. By this means, Cooking Fever is the latest and the best game for you to try and get addicted to.

Overview of Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever is developed by the Nordcurrent and has now actually finished updated the amazing game on December 16, 2015. This game features the cooking of delicious desserts and meals from across the globe (which might also be the reason why you would be addicted to it). Cooking Fever contains the vital aspects that a game must have to keep the players from enjoying and challenging themselves. This game will require you to:

  • You will start with the limited supply at your own shop and serve the customers as they arrive and what would be the challenge? You will be serving them with the time against you so the best strategy for this game is the time management.
  • You will have to pick from the various and uniquely designed 13 locations starting from the Chinese restaurants, desserts, and fast foods and up to the seafood restaurants. These locations would be beneficial for your success and use them as platforms to gain the experience and practice your skills as a player and a chef to manage on the different settings and the techniques in cooking.
  • Choose from wide range of ingredients to cook and present hundreds of your dishes. These ingredients are enough for you to create the best possible dishes for your customers to increase your level.
  • Get to use the different kitchen appliances, choose from the coffee makers up to the popcorn makers and pizza ovens.
  • Attract all the clients and customers by decorating and upgrading your restaurant.
  • Get to make your own freebies like cupcakes and cookies for your customers.

What’s the easiest way to achieve these and dominate the game?

If not all, most the things above would require two important things, the coins, and gems. Cooking Fever hack/cheats would be the best to partner with towards success in this game. Cooking Fever hack/cheats would give you money and time-saving advantages as it have the tool which will be added to your account and easily claims unlimited amount of coins and gems without making an in-game purchase and you won’t wait to upgrade level just to get the coins and gems. Not just it, these Cooking Fever cheats:

  • Is undetectable with its built-in system for Anti-Ban and a proxy as a safety measure
  • Does not require jailbreak or root
  • Automatically updates to keep the hack working
  • User-friendly interface
  • Compatible with Android and iOS Devices
  • Generates Unlimited coins and gems

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Learn About the Mobile Strike Guide with Strategies

What can be worse than getting crushed in Mobile Strike by an attacker that has read the Mobile Strike Guide? Mobile Strike is a game where bases are built, the action is controlled and the player can test their elite troops against any enemy that is on the battlefield. The player’s ability to use tactical and intelligent strategies can be tested by the cutting edge vehicles in player’s arsenal used in an assault in this worldwide MMO game.

But in the actual game, it’s not just about who has a bigger arsenal, but who has the best arsenal. And there are a lot of challenges that might be coming along the way because the competition in Mobile Strike is tough especially for someone who just plays for fun without drawing money from their pockets to make an in-game purchase. But just like any other games, a guide is made for this particular game in order for all the players to unlock the secrets of dominating the game.

To dominate the game, it’s not just designing a simple base, it’s all about the different factors such as the defenses that will be responsible for protecting the base, and the creation of arsenal that is strong that becomes unrivaled on the battlefield. This Mobile Strike guide is all about the vital actions in improving the player’s game plays. The patterns and trend lines in each part of the game will be broken down in order to make useful strategies for entering the competition and dominate.

What You Can Learn From the Guide

In this guide, you will learn how to earn the free gold and spend it in the wisest way. Gold is just a part of the most important part of the game and is the most sought resource for a very reasonable fact. It is used to purchase for almost everything that is in the game. The player will be guided to the free ways to collect gold and the wise ways to spend it practically.

The player will also be guided by the commander skill points. The Commander leveling is a great tool to obtain the power and be able to access the skills for a combat and economic boost increase. Take a look at the commander skill points table that shows the XP needed in reaching a particular level of a commander, the skill points, and power that will be granted into a player. Another lesson that will be given by the Mobile Strike guide is the ways of finding the materials to utilize while crafting the best commander gear in the game which is very difficult. The collection of materials might be easy but to get the actual materials that are more needed is quite tricky. This is a crucial part of the game, but this guide will help by sharing the methods to find the materials needed.

These are just a very small part of this informative guide where most of the game’s aspects are given the tips and advice. It is a great and challenging game, but it is not wrong to learn the tips and gather advice from the experts.

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Learning about Game Dev Tycoon Mods

As the development, technology and economics grew in the modern industry, new features of the Game Dev Tycoon are launched to the market. Introducing these attributes that include 22 research options, 11 new platforms, 80 new topics and 8 new events. Its cheat engine consists of adding money, fans, hype, research points and tests your modding functionality.

Getting to Know More About the GDT Mods

  • The game has a tweak mods option and its role is to speed up the notification and to have a name generator.
  • It also contains an infostat mods in which you can create the details involving your game such as release details, platform details, configuration settings, reset configuration settings, toggle footer, toggle pause, and notifications. Developing a game really needs a technical, knowledge-based and analytical development of all of its specifications, system requirements, and statistics.
  • You must strategically design the Camelot expansion. This feature helps you to manage your engine, gameplay, story, quest and genre of your game. It also mathematically conveys the time allocated in each of the phases of the development stage. You may choose the best staff and trained them. You may test and debug the initial draft of your game. In addition, you may use the advanced options for the game length and fix your budget.
  • Afterward, you may now proceed with the platform randomizer. In this stage, you may conduct randomize launch sales, lifetime sales, lifespan, genre-console combinations, console audiences and exempt the PCs from randomization.
  • You are now ready to compete your Mods in the market. You can add virtual competitors, have the control of owning and buying them as well.

Learning these basics are significant for you to grow as a developer professional. The Game Dev Tycoon Mods may help the potential IT and programmers to understand the step by step procedure of working and producing games. Although it is a game in a game situation, the concept is also based on the real life scenario in the life of a game developer. The details on every stage are elaborately explained and it is very informative from the start up plan, designing the Mods and characteristics of the game up to the debugging, producing and the marketing stage. It is a tough job for the geek players to understand everything from scratch but at least, they will be educated through the Game Dev Tycoon.

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Top 10: Most Awaited Mobile Games for 2016!

A person playing a game on his phone.Getting excited for the upcoming New Year blast about 2016? Of course, one thing is for sure, there are many forthcoming mobile games and applications that will be more challenging, interesting, fun and thrilling! Let’s take some sneak peeks for these 2016 most awaited game picks! Here are the lists of the entries:

  1. POKEMON GO the classic Pocket monster RPG and adventure mobile game is now in both Android and iOS. Trading, catching monsters, battling with other trainers are its main features. This new gaming console for Pokemon was developed in Niantic Labs.
  2. TELLTALE BATMAN is an interactive game with a series of villains that Batman has to defeat. It is a premier game launched and developed by Telltale Games.
  3. FNAF WORLD is an RPG mobile game that includes battles and all of the characters from Five Nights at Freddy are present.
  4. SPYJINX is an interactive mobile application that involves players which are the ultimate masterminds and manipulators of the game. The collaboration of JJ Abrahams of Star Wars and Bad Robot as well as ChAIR company will conduct this mobile game development.
  5. THE WALKING DEAD: MICHONNE is an action based game that follows a 3-chapter series that will account the story of Michonne. It is nearly available around February 2016 in iOS and Android.
  6. CRASHLANDS involves crafting, questing, battling and building often related to indie games. Its release is on January 2016 prospectively.
  7. IRON MARINES is a Science-fiction based game using real-time strategies. There are a series of actions, heroes and logical thinking in playing this app. Moreover, the predicted date of its release is in the middle months of 2016.
  8. ALBION ONLINE is a game play that has medieval MMO cross-platform with GVG, PvP and PVE action. In addition to its features are house building and farming.
  9. MARVEL AVENGERS ACADEMY is an interactive and a casual game for those who are avid fans of Marvel. You will be doing missions as a hero and customize the Marvel campus as well.
  10. DISNEY MAGIC KINGDOMS is an interactive mobile app in which its main features include completing quests, saving the parks from the villains and building your own Disney city and interact with the characters as well.

Stay tuned for more fun facts regarding the trend of the upcoming 2016 mobile games and other applications that will definitely suit your gaming skills! Check out your Android Play Store and iOS App Store now! Watch for their trailers and be amazed of these spectacular apps!

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Tabletop to Handheld

A Nintendo DS, PSP & iPhoneOne of the most fascinating trends in mobile gaming ever since it took hold has been the transfer of traditional, tabletop board games into a mobile gaming format. Board game apps are some of the most popular on the market, with many reaching over 10 million downloads each. These games allow groups of friends and families to have the same fun as board games have always provided without the hassle of setting up and then cleaning the seemingly countless tiny pieces and props that accompany many board games. It is now easier than ever to stop the game and pick up where you left off, which would previously have been a nearly impossible task. Another one of the benefits of these virtual board games is that it is now possible to play by yourself against a computer AI, allowing you to set the difficulty to whichever is most compatible with your level of experience. Some critics of this trend have complained that the apps have removed the face-to-face interaction and conversation that accompanied more traditional games, leaving the games more cold and impersonal than before.

The “portability” that these games have is probably one of the biggest reasons for their enduring popularity. I have spent many hours during bus rides, plane trips, or even during particularly boring classes playing game after game of Words With Friends or Trivia Crack. The latter has been easily one of my favorite mobile games of all time, and the intensity and frustration which can come with a losing game has resulted in many a nearly-cracked phone screen. Many others have been converted to the mobile format, such as Battleship, Yahtzee, Monopoly, and a number of card games. The change to a mobile format can in many cases vastly change the style of the game, often for the better.

It is not hard to see why these apps have been so popular. It is generally pretty easy for a developer to turn a board game into a mobile app, and the existing audience for such games means that the apps will be guaranteed to be downloaded and enjoyed by millions of people. The simplicity of the games leaves room for tons of fun and excitement, resulting in a highly universal appeal. It will be very interesting to see where this trend goes and what impact their developers will have on the world of mobile gaming.

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Mobile Game Developers Unlikely to Hit it Big

A mobile gamerMany of the wealthiest people in the world today have made their fortunes through tech entrepreneurship, and it’s not hard to see why. With minimal start-up capital and just the right idea, you can revolutionize the world and make literally billions of dollars in the process. As a result, mobile app development has been on the minds of countless teenagers and young adults seeking to make their way in the world. Many of them hope to hit the stroke of blind luck that seemingly affected other countless app developers who have hit it big. Among these lucky few are Robert Nay, the eighth grader who developed the immensely popular Bubble Ball, or the three students at Stanford University who created Snapchat. Highly successful apps such as these generate incomparably high returns on investment, with some of the most successful valued in the billions of dollars. These developers have struck it rich and will most likely earn enough from just these apps to live comfortably for quite a while. The reality for the majority of developers, however, is not so promising.

The Market Is Too Saturated

One reason for this is saturation of the market. Because the games are so cheap to create and distribute, anyone with a slight background in coding and animation has the potential to create a smartphone app. In addition, for every 1 app that is even considered a financial success (let alone hits it big), there are statistically hundreds of others that failed. The average app earns a meager $4,000 through the Apple app store and considerably less through the Google store, hardly anything given the amount of time and resources that developers invest into their products. Moreover, many of the most successful mobile games are developed by large corporations whose immense profits are rarely distributed to the individual programmers who made the app possible.

Free Apps Dominate the Market

Another part of the problem with trying to turn a profit off of a mobile game is that the vast majority are offered free of charge, meaning a developer must either produce such an exemplary product that users would be willing to spend money on it, or feature potentially annoying ads that might drive users away. It is certainly a challenging dilemma for the would-be entrepreneur. As a result of these circumstances,mobile game development has become increasingly split between the big corporations developing for profit and brand awareness, and the hobbyists who code for fun, with little room in between.

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